Future Film Focus 2019

Future Film Focus opens Leytonstone Loves Film 2019: If you are starting out in the film, media or creative industries, it’s always good to research your industry, arm yourself with a portfolio and relevant work experience. Remember to build your resilience and be ready to “wow”.

This event opened the #Leytonstone Loves Film festival supported and curated by The Barbican and featured as part of the Borough of Culture 2019 (@wfculture2019).


Be Inspired Panel

The “Be Inspired” panel was a group of young former students, from Waltham Forest schools , who have made their first steps onto the ladder.

Shola from CTVC told the audience to keep applying and network at the end of every shoot and training course. Tamuka, a camera operator from ITN National News, told listeners to do as much voluntary work and to keep focused on YOUR  target to work in that industry.

Tyrell, a junior editor from MTV,  was proud to show his work though it has taken some time to get to this stage.

Finally, Nicole, Freelance Director of “Sorry I shot you” admitted that her school grades hadn’t been good but she had believed in herself and  the stories that she had to tell through film.

Nicola Lees of Sara Putt Associates bridged the two panels but was able to give the perspective as both a trainer and employer. Be nice, Be prepared, Be honest and hardworking and punctual.  Make yourself indispensable.

Chanise Evans BBC

In the “Be Strategic” panel, young professionals from the BBC (Young Reporter, Chanise Evans), ITN (Rowena Smith), Media Trust  Tobi Ijitoye and Big Creative Educations Saskia Summerhill reminded students to be motivated, to do their research, and not to give up and to apply again and again until they succeed.

Young Reporter,  Mary Jane covered this event for @HFCSWaltham Newsletter, “Family Matters”:

#FUTURE FILM FOCUS – Resources/List of Schemes

CTVC https://www.bfi.org.uk/filmacademy/residential-documentary

ITN Productions – Follow @ITNCareers on Twitter

BBC Young Reporterhttps://www.bbc.co.uk/news/49509131

RTS BURSARY SCHEMEhttps://rts.org.uk/education-and-training-pages/bursaries

BARBCIAN Young Programmershttps://www.barbican.org.uk/take-part/young-creatives/young-programmers

BARBCIAN Young Creativeshttps://www.barbican.org.uk/take-part/young-creatives

MEDIA TRUST – Vlogstar Challenge: https://www.vlogstarchallenge.com

MEDIA TRUST Breaking into Newshttps://www.breakingintonews.co.uk

MEDIA TRUST young programmeshttps://mediatrust.org/youth-programmes/

BCE portfolio development and apprenticeships support:bceapprenticeships.com/apprenticeship

BCE Study program website bigcreative.education