Walthamstow International Film Festival 2020 Small Screen

#WIFF2020 The Lockdown Edition

Thank you to everyone who tuned in to the Walthamstow International Film Festival’s Lockdown Edition  Tuesday 16 June at 7pm.

You can still watch the films in the order below and comment on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #WIFF2020 and #LeytonstoneLovesFilm.

The Walthamstow International Film Festival will show the 2020 entries at a later date this year.

#WIFF2020 – 5 shorts from 10 years of promoting #emergingtalent

E17 Films presents highlights from its film festival from the past 10 years.  Five films from the Animation, Documentary, Drama, Experimental and U18s categories by film makers from Waltham Forest and from around the world.

These films have been selected to reflect on different ways of seeing the world. The short films have been created by professionals, amateur film makers and students under 18 to show their view of the world through the moving image. They have used a range of methods including smart phones and blue screen but all are included here to inspire you to tell your story.

#WIFF2020 Animation

Animation – We Are Moving (2018)  by Esther Neslen and Litza Jansz (Waltham Forest) – The Mill Community Engagement Project

(Please watch first 1 minute only)

Film: We Are Moving 

#WIFF2020 – Documentary

Documentary – Kayayo (2016) by Carol Gyasi  – Highlighting the plight of the young working market girls in Accra, Ghana 

The Kayayo are very young girls  who  live in large female only groups devoid of any men on the streets of Ghana’s capital city. Many have babies and toddlers, often the product of rape and sexual abuse.  Their job, kayak, involves  carrying  heavy loads  on their heads, often twice their body weight over long distances for very little pay.   Making the film was both difficult and dangerous, especially at night where we had to penetrate darkly lit shanty towns and often had to run for cover from the pimps and gangsters who try to control the girls.

I like to make films to give a voice to groups of people who are often ignored and voiceless, to shine a light on their world to show that  joy and hope can still be found  even in the depths of despair and hardship.

FILM: Kayayo

Kayayo WFF from Carol Gyasi on Vimeo.

#WIFF2020 – Drama

Drama – WOMXN (2019) by Adrien Gystere and Eden Tinto Collins. Drama shot on a smart phone raising awareness of police brutality


#WIFF2020 – Experimental

Experimental – My Photographs (2013) by Ismail and Hassan Vawda. A way of seeing beauty wherever you are in the world.

FILM: My Photographs

My Photographs from Hassan E Vawda on Vimeo.

#WIFF2020 – U18s

Under 18s Jordan Benjamin’s Forgotten is his first film and won the film festival in 2016. Intriguing drama reveals memories in flashback.

FILM: Unforgotten


Thank you for watching Walthamstow International Film Festival Shorts on the small screen.  Please ask questions to the film makers or post your comment on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the hashtags #WIFF2020 and #LeytonstoneLovesFilm.